What is GOMAD? Why is it effective, and what are possible health risks?

Growing up, our parents always told us to drink a glass of milk everyday. Well now that you’re all grown up, how about a gallon of milk?

Yes, you read that right: A gallon of milk. GOMAD literally translates to “Gallon of milk a day”. It’s a popular way to quickly gain muscle weight, as popularized by weight lifters.

While milk is generally thought of as good for you, is it entirely healthy? Just how much is too much? Read below to find out.

Possible Benefits

Let’s have a look at the good news first and what the benefits of GOMAD really are. Here are some of them.

  • It’s an amazing source of calories. The beautiful thing about milk is it allows you to drink your calories rather than follow up with big slabs of steak. Moreover, the calories present in milk are well balanced.
  • It’s good for muscle growth. Apart from the fact that it’s packed with the good kind of calories, milk is good for muscle growth— especially if you’re thin and have trouble gaining weight.
  • It’s cheap. This is probably the big selling point. Milk is generally good for you and easy on the pocket. There is no suitable substitute which can compare to the price/nutrition ratio of milk.

Possible Risks

Now that we’ve got the goods, let’s look into the risks and disadvantages of GOMAD diet.

  • It makes you bloated and gassy. The thing about consuming a gallon of milk a day is that it can make you feel bloated. Once you feel this way, it’s a lot easier to be lazy than get up off that chair and work it out. Expect to fart all the time and have some questionable stool until your body adapts.
  • It can become unwanted fat. Another scary thing about GOMAD diet is that you can easily whirl out of control. If you don’t push yourself and exercise or lift weights regularly and intensely then all of those calories become fat.
  • It’s double the work. When the time comes you’ve got both excessive fat and muscle, it’s going to be double the labor in order to burn everything down and become healthy and fit once again.
  • Lactose intolerance. Traditionally the human body was not meant to ingest milk past infancy, and some folks are unable to drink it without becoming sick. This is called lactose intolerance and it can prevent you from being able to use GOMAD as a muscle and weight gaining tool.
  • May cause acne. Studies have found a correlation between milk & dairy products and an increase in the severity of acne. The natural bovine hormones in milk activate sebaceous glands, which can then overproduce oil and cause acne.

Understand that the GOMAD diet is not for everyone. So it’s you who needs to make a wise choice for your body to benefit out of.


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