What are triglycerides and how do they effect your health?

Triglycerides are scientifically defined as the ester formed when three fatty acid groups and glycerol are combined. Essentially, it is what we put in their body that constitutes the fat from animals and plants we eat.

As you read along, you’ll learn more about triglycerides: Are they bad for you? If so, what are the ways to lower the level of it in your body?

Odds and Evens

What you need to understand is that the length of triglycerides can vary. It can be 16 carbons, which are naturally occurring. It can be 15 carbons from all the animal fats you eat, which can be gravely dangerous.

Triglycerides and Diseases

Since triglycerides essentially produce fat in your body, there are of course repercussions to your health. The following are some of the diseases that can be related to having a high triglyceride count.


While the relationship of diabetes and triglycerides are still quite vague, the correlation between the two spells bad news for your health.

  • Those who have diabetes cannot regulate their glucose efficiently. The excess sugar is then converted to triglycerides, which can then elevate the body’s sugar level.
  • A high triglyceride level can also affect someone’s insulin resistance, which can then lead to a person developing diabetes.

Heart Diseases

Excess cholesterol is bad for the heart. Triglycerides are a promoter of cholesterol. So if you consumer too much food that are high in cholesterol, the chances are it will all develop along the lining of your heart’s walls.

What should you do?

Here are the following steps in order to regulate the amount of your triglycerides.

  • Don’t consume too much sugar. Refined foods with sugar are bad for your health so try to cut back on preserved food rich in sugar.
  • Have a balanced diet. Give yourself a break and eat better food. Cut back on your guilty pleasures and start consuming healthy ones.
  • Exercise. You need to cut back on your calories and burn some. You’ll feel better and improve your body at the same time.

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