What are the benefits of a standing desk?

Working for hours every day can be taxing, especially if you’re stuck in a cubicle. While many enjoy themselves in that sort of seated isolation, it can actually do more harm than good.

In fact, Dr. Levine of Mayo Clinic claims that sitting is a lethal activity. A published study in the Circulation Journal states that for every extra hour a person spends sitting down heightens the risk of dying by 11%.

So if these facts have awakened you, it’s time for change. It’s a little thing called a standing desk and here are the wonders it can bring.

1. It keeps you alert and ready.

Sitting down for long periods of time can make you lazy and slow to react. If you need to get up from your desk for some reason, you may find it extra challenging to stand up from your seat.  Standing desks help you accomplish the exact opposite.

These desks enable you to feel alert and ready. Since you are already standing, you become more in tune with your surroundings thereby increasing your alertness.

2. It prevents muscle pains and back pains.

Another disadvantage to sitting for long periods of time is body pains. While you slouch yourself comfortably into your chair, you are compromising your back and muscles.

On the other hand, standing desks prevents these unnecessary pains and replaces it with your having a stronger body frame.

3. It endorses better posture.

Posture isn’t only about looking good. It also endorses better blood flow, stronger bones and muscles. Sitting in an office chair leads to poor posture and limits circulation to the legs. Standing desks force you to assume a more proper posture and all of the health benefits that go along with it.

4. It calls for better communication

Being seated in cubicles can compromise how you communicate with your co-workers. You’re either not talking to them or poorly conversing with them.

Standing desks however, can call for better communication since you are able to see everyone else. This then produces a better work environment and overall performance.

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