Tips to Prepare for A Marathon

Running a marathon is harder than it seems. With the entire buzz it’s been creating, there are a lot of beginners who joins in on the fun— without actually being physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for it.

If you’re thinking of running for next marathon, you need to be ready. Here are some of the steps you need to take to become a successful beginner.

1. Get a physical.

Even if you’ve been running for quite some time now, you need to have a check up first. Let your doctor know that you intend to join the next marathon. This way, you’ll know if there are any medical conditions that can hinder your goal.

2. Change your diet.

Be slow on the fat and consume more carbohydrates and proteins instead. What you put inside your body will greatly affect your strength and resilience in running. So get rid of the fast food and binge on fresh and naturally healthy products.

3. Expand your pace gradually.

As a starter, you shouldn’t begin running with the goal of reaching the same actual distance as the marathon itself. Start short: from 3.1 to 6.2 miles, until you reach the half marathon, which is 13.1 miles. Once you’re confident of your ability to reach farther, then you can take a shot at the full 26.2 miles.

4. Don’t forget to stretch.

Never, ever forget to stretch just before you run. This first phase of the exercise warms up and awakens your muscles. Moreover, stretching will prevent your muscles from cramping and straining.

5. Get plenty of sleep.

Preparing for a marathon entails getting adequate amount of sleep. If you don’t need to stay up too late, give yourself about 6-8 hours of sleep so your body is in tip-top shape when you wake up.

6. Follow a schedule.

Getting ready for a marathon is all about discipline. That’s why you need to strictly follow a schedule that will work best for you. If you can run 3-4 times a week at a set time, why not? If you can prioritize it over other tasks, go right ahead.

It’s all about dedicating your body, time and effort to pull this off. So if you want a successful first marathon, keep these steps in mind.

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