Should you take a multi-vitamin?

Staying healthy is key to a successful and long life. While many have the habit of taking multivitamins out of many reasons, one question is: Does taking a multi actually help?

Here’s the blow by blow.

It’s alluring

One of the reasons why people take multivitamins is its selling point. Imagine being able to get everything you need in one capsule or pill.

It’s easy to buy

Apart from the illusion of having a one-stop shop for everything you need, supplements are readily available to many. They’re practically everywhere.

It’s more convenient to store

Compared to storing vegetables and fruits, there are thin chances of your supplements getting spoiled. All you have to do is not to keep them too warm and you’re good to go.

Does it do more harm than good?

There are some studies that suggest supplements don’t really make you healthier and stronger. Aged women were studied and it’s shown that supplements have no contribution into bettering their health whatsoever.

Another study says that taking too much pill supplements can actually cause premature death. No other studies were followed but those were the initial findings.

So what’s really the verdict?

Many dieticians believe you don’t really need supplements but well, you can actually take them. The real deal here is for you to eat the right kind of food and be on a well balanced diet in order to get all the supplements you need.

It seems far-fetched to have everything you need in one go. It may take a lot of time preparing those healthy and balanced meals but it’s more worth it.

So the next time you take supplements, think about it. Which will you be more certain of? A capsule that promises all vitamins covered or an actual balanced breakfast to get you through the day?

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