Is Too Much Cardio Exercises Bad For You?

Regular exercise can do wonders to your mind, body and soul. With the increase rate of obese and overweight people in the country, exercise and a healthy diet are the only way for fitness.

One of the most popular exercises to lose weight around is cardio.

What is cardio exercise


Its a range of physical activities that raise the heart rate and increases blood circulation in the body.

It ranges from easy to very intense. Some health buffs push themselves too far that they end up becoming sick and unhealthy.

So really, when it comes to cardiovascular exercises: How much is too much?

When can you experience injuries?

Injuries are an early sign that too much cardio is harming you already. When you push yourself too hard, the muscles are pulled then torn. This in turn affects the tissues and ligaments in your body.

How does too much feel to your body?

Understand that when you do cardio, you burn not only the fats, but also the muscle. When you push yourself with too much and intense cardio, your body finds it hard to keep up and cannibalizes muscle tissue for energy. Since muscle is a natural fat-burner, too much cardio may work against you if your goal is weight loss.

What do studies tell you?

A British study reported by the New York Times state that lifelong athletes aged 50 and above are more likely to experience fibrosis compared to non-athletes.

Fibrosis is the scarring of your heart muscle, which has suffered from too much cardio over the years. Of course fibrosis can lead to heart complications, which can lead to death.

What’s recommended?

150 minutes per week of moderately intense cardio exercises (biking, running, jogging, swimming) is recommended to stay healthy. You can do more, but if you’re aiming to increase it to more than 300 minutes per week, make sure you visit your doctor first for consultation.

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