Can you target a place to lose abdominal fat?

We’ve all heard it: Do more sit-ups in order to lose that abdominal fat. Others even think that those who play tennis have greater muscle and less fat on their better hand than the other.

This long time controversial topic is called spot reduction, which means targeting one place to lose the fat.

If you’re one who’s been doing crunches to lose the abdominal fat, then you may want to read this article.

What do studies have to say?

A recent study done in the University of Connecticut had 104 participants do a twelve-week resistance exercise program. Their non-dominant arm was the one exercised throughout the study.

The results of the study showed that the generated fat loss was general, not specific to the non-dominant arm.

What about the sudden loss of fat in an area?

Others experience losing fat in certain areas compared faster than the other spots. So is your spot reduction working? No. It’s a natural, selective and genetic pattern both men and women go through. Men generally have more fat in their abdomen while women in their buttocks.

So how exactly does spot reduction work?

The fact is spot reduction doesn’t work. The only way to lose more fat in a certain area is to do a holistic exercise program in which all the parts of your body should be exercised.

Fats are only counted as much as the calories in your body. If you are able to have an exercise routine that targets calorie count (like cardiovascular programs), then you have better chances at losing all the unwanted fat.

Overall, if you choose to exercise a certain area of your body, it can develop stronger muscles but not necessarily eliminate the excessive fat.

The best advice? Take up a standard training and exercise program. You’ll lose more fat mobilizing your entire body than just a portion of it.

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