Are all calories the same?

In the realm of weight loss and exercise, calories are the most hated word. A majority of those who want to get ‘fit and healthy’ believe that all calories are the same and they should all be reduced equally.

But what’s really the truth? Are all calories the same? Is a calorie a calorie? Find out more below.

What are the different types of calories?

There are two main types of calories, those which determine whether or not you’re being good to your body.

  • Full CaloriesThese calories are packed with nutrients or what we call the good calories. They’re found in fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, brown rice and well prepared meat. These are the ones that burn efficiently.
  • Empty CaloriesThese are the bad calories that maybe packed in flavor but very low on nutrients. Your favorite fast food, chips and processed food are what gives you all those hard to burn fats.

What are the factors you need to consider?

1. Not all calories are processed the same way.

Different nutrients can come from different food. Protein, fat and carbohydrate calories all have energy content but they are processed differently. Some take longer to burn while others are faster to get rid of.

Each nutrient also has a different effect on the body, thereby distinguishing one calorie factor to another.

2. Fiber and protein calories are considered best options.

Those who undergo Paleolithic (or protein-heavy) diet are less likely to crave food. Considering protein calories practically make you full for a longer period of time, you are likely to eat less.

The same goes with fiber. Since it does not contribute any calories per se, it is easily absorbed by the body and makes you less hungry.

3. There are the good and bad ones.

Bad calories come from all the junk you eat in fast food joints. Good calories come from healthily prepared meals that you can easily burn. The truth is it will be a lot harder burning all those bad calories rather than the good ones since they are processed differently.

4. Timing is everything.

A calorie is not a calorie because it highly depends on the frequency and the amount of food you take everyday.

Timing is everything if you’re very conscious with the calories you consume. It’s good to eat a heavy meal if you are mobile since you will be able to burn them off. If you choose to eat a heavy meal just before you sleep, then you will not burn as many calroies.

So no, not all calories are the same. It’s all about regular distribution and equal amounts of food consumption.

Why should you care?

If you choose to consume more empty calories than full ones, you’re essentially turning yourself into a walking time bomb.

Your heart will eventually wear out from all the fat that’s building up around it. Then you’ll begin to have a lot harder time breathing. You will experience aches and pains every now and then because what you eat is what your body shouldn’t be processing.

What you are outside comes from what’s consumed on the inside. So make alternative choices now for a healthier, longer and happier life.

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