3 Benefits of Juicing Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are essential to living a long, happy and healthy life. Not only do they provide vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system going, they also make you feel and look good inside out.

Apart from eating them, juicing is another popular option to consume fruits and vegetables. But before we go ahead and let you in on its benefits, we need to make a few things clear.

Is juicing better than eating them?

This is not to say that it’s more beneficial to juice fruits and vegetables than eating them as they are. In fact, nutritionist Jennifer Nelson states that there isn’t any scientific evidence that proves juicing is better than eating them whole. It’s all a matter of presence.

Now that we’ve got that cleared out, here are some of the benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits.

1. It’s easier to consume over whole ones.

Eating fruits and vegetables can be difficult for some as they feel there’s too much to consume. Juicing it makes the amount easier to finish. So if you’re one who can’t finish off a whole apple, why not juice it and drink it instead?

2. It’s better alternative over processed juice.

Powdered juice is more often than not a poor choice, especially among children. In order for you to give yourself and provide better nutrition, replace it with juiced fruits and veggies. Besides, children enjoy sweets so it’s not going to be unbearable for them to consume a naturally sweet beverage.

3. It helps in losing weight.

Juicing vegetables and fruits is filling and doesn’t make you go hungry easily. For those who are keen on their weight, this is a good option for you to feel full. However, keep in mind that juiced veggies and fruits aren’t enough to give you all the nutrition you need. It should just be a supplement.

Juicing is a good way to consume your fruits and vegetables. Try to start juicing those that you enjoy eating as a whole. You can then start mixing in varieties to play with the taste. There are tons of recipes out there so start juicing and living a better life.

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